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I think I found it. The perfect solution to teaching yourself HOW to make oscommerce LOOK good.

We all know that the stock oscommerce will NOT turn your e-commerce business into a world dominating retailer. Its made to be a skeleton which you should build on.. The thing is, unless you are an expert coder, you can’t just jump in and make it look like the professional store that you want. You can have all of the graphic design skills in the world, but you NEED to know how to change what you see on your screen into what you see in your mind.

So this is the book i URGE you to pick up:
oscbook designing oscommerce

WHY buy a book when you can get all the info you ever want on the internet for free??
Well, thats an easy one. Because contrary to popular belief, forums do NOT give you instant feedback.. Books do! The only thing you have to do with a book is look in the index. With a forum you have to first search your question, then weed through all of the useless posts, then when you can’t find the answer, ask the question and HOPE someone sees it before it gets buried in the sea of useless stupid ANNOYING questions like “How do I change the text on my website”
BOOKS will always be sitting there on your shelf, so when you need to re-teach something to yourself, you don’t have to pull your hair out because you didn’t bookmark that page.
IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN GETTING STARTED MAKING YOUR SITE LOOK LIKE YOU ENVISION IT – click the BUY NOW button to go to paypal and checkout to get your book ASAP
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oscbooks Designing Oscommerce Tips and How-To
If you want more information, you can visit the writer’s website HERE


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