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Hah, i was in a forum today, trying to figure out this debocle with my shared SSL (secure socket layer). What i realized was, my website NEEDS to have a cookie in the users browser, but when you visit a SHARED ssl page, the domain changes, and since the cookie is only valid on the original domain, every time the person goes to a secure page, they loose their shopping cart contents!!! What a MESS!!

Anways, I was just learning all of that stuff above by trial and error. THEN, someone came of the forum and said to me “I will try to put this in the most simple terms possible since you are not really Tech-y”

HAH!! for an average person, I feel that I am rather “tech-y” I mean, when I explain to other people how I built my website and the stuff that I have done, they look at me like I have three heads. That makes me pretty “tech-y” i would think. I guess there are levels of “tech-y” and when you are in a support forum for a complicated script, people like us probably are the least “tech-y” people there. Ok, well not the LEAST, the people who are the least “tech-y” people there are the ones who don’t know what php is. People like me one year ago.

SO anyways, I still feel rather proud of myself for being able to completely confuse people with my mumbojumbo “tech-y” talk, even if it is the average folk.

So today’s lesson is:
A shared SSL is always going to change the domain name in the user’s url because the secure pages reside on that secure server, which is being shared.
That means that if your domain name (mydomain.com) puts a cookie in the persons’ browser to be used, when the user goes to a secure page (secure.host.com/mydomain) then the cookie is not valid and will not be used resulting in the loss of infomation that was stored on that cookie.

You can get around this by using session ids, which we will cover later. But that is only good for some scripts which can use session ids. My particular one can not.

Anways, I love my host for sitting on the phone with me last night a midnite helping me with things (even with CODING which they arent supposed to do) and for now officially getting me a nice, cheap private SSL and static IP

I ❤ Hostmonster.com


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